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CHIRON Spectrometer

The Yale exoplanet group, together with Andrei Tokovinin at CTIO, designed and built the CHIRON spectrometer. The initial commissioning was in January 2011; after upgrades that took place from October to May 2012, the spectrograph was recommissioned in July 2012. This instrument was funded by the NSF MRI program to PI Fischer with funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Observing time on CHIRON is available through the SMARTS consortium or through NOAO proposals.

Please cite Tokovinin et al. 2013 on publications and posters that make use of CHIRON spectra.

CHIRON is a fiber-fed Echelle spectrometer, that replaced the Echelle at the 1.5m SMARTS telescope in Chile with greatly enhanced throughput. Spectral resolution R=90,000 is achieved with an image slicer, however a R=90,000 and R=136,000 slit mask (that incurs larger light losses) is also available. The optical and optomechanical design combines critical parts developed in house with commercial components, in order to keep the cost reasonable while achieving high performance. After commissioning data showed that the RMS velocities for the stable star, Tau Ceti, were about 2 m/s - not "good enough." The team brainstormed to come up with a list of upgrades to improve the stability of the instrument.

From left to right: Christian Schwab, Andrei Tokovinin, Julien Spronck

We upgraded CHIRON with a new echelle grating in a vacuum enclosure, sol-gel coating of the large optics, an exposure meter for photon-weighted midpoint times (to make precise barycentric corrections), an octagonal fiber feed, staged temperature control of the instrument, extensive monitoring of pressure and temperature, nightly quality control reports (checks of FITS header information and spectral information). These upgrades collectively improved the stability of the instrumental profile and the velocity precision. Our new Doppler measurements of the stable star, Tau Ceti, showed RMS of 0.5 m/s over 10 nights after commissioning. This low RMS is observed in other ~2 week data sets, but we also see longer term low amplitude variations that could arise from the star, orbiting planets, or instrumental stability.

Analysis by D. Fischer
CHIRON is now being used to carry out to a high-cadence search for low mass planets around Alpha Centauri A and B and other stars in the southern hemisphere.

Technical documents for the CHIRON spectrometer can be found on Andrei Tokovinin's site.

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