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Configuring the License Manager to Start Automatically in Mac OS X

In most cases, you want the IDL license manager to start automatically each time your system starts.

Use one of the following methods to configure the license manager to start at boot time (root privileges are required).

  1. Log in as root and type the following at the command line:
    > cd ITT_DIR/idlxx/bin
    > lmgrd_install
  2. To accomplish (1) using tcsh I had to type the following at the command line:
    %cd /Applications/itt/idl70/bin
    %sudo sh lmgrd_install
  3. Refer to the comments in the sys5_idl_lmgrd script in the ITT_DIR/idlxx/bin directory to install and configure the boot time script manually.

Running two instances of the same vendor's license manager on the same system causes a conflict that prevents the license manager from working correctly.

This help tip is a modified version received from ITT on 2008.07.21


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